Dahl Family Trip to Londontown

Convincing my Dad to visit Amsterdam was a triumph! As you may know, Kent Dahl does not love traveling overseas, so I couldn’t  have been more thrilled to host him in our city. My dad loves soccer, or football as it is referred to on this “side of the pond.” So, we decided to go to London (after a few days in Amsterdam) to see an Arsenal game.

The rest of the Dahl crew caught wind of our grand plans, and slowly but surely started to join — out of jealousy. Caroline was first as it is only a hop, skip, and a jump over from NYC. Then, Barrie the Dahl joined, because….why wouldnt she? Finally, Melissa and Jeremy hopped into the trip. And, there you have it: a trip with Dad turned into a mini Dahl family vacation in October. It was perfect!

Melissa, Jeremy, Mom, and Dad visited Amsterdam for a few days before we all headed to London on Friday morning. I loved showing them our apartment and life in Amsterdam. Melissa, Jeremy and my mom have spent time in Amsterdam before, so they did a tour to Belgium. My dad spent some time visiting museums and then we went to a fun dinner in the city on Thursday night.

The morning we arrived in London, Melissa, Jeremy and I went to brunch at the cutest place called railhouse cafe.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Next, we strolled around Buckingham palace because our hotel was right around the corner.


Melissa and Jeremy explored their old LSE stopping grounds and Bryan and I met up with our friends, Cole and Natasha, for coffee. On Friday night, we went to see Les Miserables. There is something special about seeing musical theater in London. The music of Les Miserables is magical and the whole experience was a dream!

On Saturday morning, we met with a photographer to take some photos for our Christmas card. Have you heard of flytographer? It connects you to a photographer while you are traveling, almost like a creative Airbnb. Below are several photos he took; I think he did a great job!


Mykulak Christmas Card 2017




Solomon Christmas Card 2017


Dahl Christmas Card 2017

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Arsenal vs. Swansea City soccer match. We had an absolute blast..and Arsenal won!Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

We each had to get some Arsenal swag.

IMG-0941My mom did not want to go to the game, and so she did some shopping and exploring around London instead.



On Saturday night, we went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Casa di Stefano.(Thanks for the recommendation Brittany!)

When our bellies were stuffed, we went to the American Bar at the Stafford hotel to grab a nightcap. It was a special evening because we all went around the table and said what we were thankful for over the past year. Melissa said we could not say “her health” (even though we were all thinking it) and we started to cry. It was a special to be together and support each other through this challenging, but yet beautiful, year in our lives.

Melissa and Jeremy had to leave early the next morning, and so Caroline, my mom, and I went to high tea at Sketch. It was gorgeous! Bryan and my dad said they would “pass.”

IMG-9286Looking at those desserts makes my mouth water.IMG-9289

We could have been anywhere as a family and would have had the best time. It was all about being together. London only made it extra special. Thank you mom and dad for a trip to remember!IMG-3011

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