Attending German parades, eating delicious bratwurst, riding carnival rides, partaking in random singing; and, of course drinking huge pints of  beer is a recipe for a fun weekend. The story I am about to share is of our trip to Oktoberfest: the worlds largest folk festival and quite the cultural experience.

My Amsterdam friends have experienced many years and trips to the yearly Oktoberfest, so Bryan and I knew we would be going with the perfect group. Our group chose to go to the opening weekend in early September.

Bryan was able to take the day off on Friday and landed with many of our friends early in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed so I arrived late into the evening. I got there so late that I ended up going right to sleep when I made it to the hotel.IMG-0485

Saturday morning, we woke up early to head to the Augustiner tent at the fairgrounds. Our friends got there SUPER early to snag a table, which was key in order to sit together. Thank you friends! We got there around 10am and it was already in full swing. Oktoberfest is absolutely huge, with more than 14 different tents to choose from and endless carnival type rides and food stands. Because our friends were there early, they were able to get a table for all 20 of us!

Side note: Because our friend Jacqueline is German, and was born and raised outside of Munich, she is an expert. Jacqueline not only told us exactly what to wear (very important to have the authentic garb) but also the best places to go and what to do! Plus she spoke for us in every situation. It was the best.


IMG-0468Once the clock struck 12pm, the keg was tapped, and the beer served. Prost!




After a few hours in the tent, Bryan, Cole, Natasha and rode some of the carnival rides. I love all types of rides: rollercoasters, spinning rides, ferris wheels. You name it, and I will love it.

We spent the next day doing more of the same: eating, drinking, singing, and riding on the rides!



All in all, Oktoberfest was an absolute blast and a weekend we will never forget. I love the city of Munich and all of the Oktoberfest traditions.


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  1. Had so much fun celebrating Oktoberfest with you both in Munich – especially the carnival rides 😉 ! Can’t wait for more adventures together!


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