Picking Up Right Where We Left Off

I love those friendships where no matter how much time passes or how much life happens in between, your friendship will pick up exactly where it left off. My DC friendships are like that for me. The year after we graduated from different universities, 7 friends moved to Washington D.C. for our first jobs. Our friend Kendall was the common thread, uniting the group together through camp, Dallas, and Furman.

Several of those D.C friends came to visit together in July: Caroline Bergan, Camie Carlock, and my DC roomie, Rebecca Jones.

The girls landed around the same time and we immediately met for coffee on my way to work. They explored that day while I was working and we met back up for dinner at my favorite Pizza place in Amsterdam called La Perla. We gabbed for hours and could have stayed there the whole night catching up!


Love the long summer days. This was after dinner!

The next day, Camie, Caroline and Rebecca explored by themselves while I had to work. (unfortunately!).

IMG_0973We had a shared thread and so I could follow where they were from the office!

On Friday night, we grabbed dinner and drinks in Amsterdam. Bryan was happy to have some time with the DC gals too.

Caroline, Rebecca, Camie and I took the train to Antwerp on Saturday morning for a quick overnight trip to Belgium. We chose Antwerp because it was a place that none of us had ever been!

At lunch before the best mussels, frites, and belgium beers

Antwerp’s architecture reminded me a lot of Amsterdam and it was neat to see differences between the two. We loved exploring Antwerp’s large squares, walking into some churches, and eating all the mussels and frites we possibly could.

On Saturday afternoon, we visited Antwerp’s famous craft brewery, dekoninck.


The next morning, we went to a place called Wasbar for a fantastic brunch. Camie was especially obsessed with the interior of the place and took a TON of pictures.

At Wasbar, you can do your laundry and eat breakfast/ study! It was a cute concept.


On Sunday, we came back to Amsterdam and Bryan lovingly drove us around on the boat!



Before their Amsterdam visit, I had not seen Camie, Caroline, and Rebecca since my wedding! It was really special having them in Amsterdam and I am looking forward to many more reunions to come.

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  1. barriedahl says:

    What a fun interlude with the DC girls! So glad they came for a visit! Great pictures too! How did you do that Instagram frame thing? 🤗


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