De New Abode in De Pijp

Hello again. Thank you for reading my humble blog.

The biggest update is we moved into our new apartment in De Pijp (pronounced “De Pipe”) on Tuesday. Game changer.

Bryan decided to dress up for our move in day! Just kidding…he came from work. 🙂

IMG_0154 (1)
Move in Day!

We could not love our apartment more. It is not only beautiful, but also functional. The apartment is in one of the best locations in town (in our opinion!). We are grateful to be overlooking a small park, and around the corner from several of the trendiest  restaurants/bars in town. I cannot wait for the 3rd floor walk up to tone my rear end and increase my patience!

Over the last week, most of my time was devoted to meeting new people and organizing our place. I probably visited the Zara Home store 7 times over the past 5 days (not an exaggeration!) Who knew bedding came in so many different sizes? Perhaps, I should have measured more carefully. C’est la vie.

We enjoy keeping our eyes out for special items for the apartment. It came “furnished” but lacks a coffee table, extra lamps, etc. My favorite purchase – so far – is our new rug. Bryan and I found an oriental rug at the Waterlooplein market yesterday and the price made it impossible to refuse! It is gorgeous.

This morning, Bryan and I met up with my former 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Willens, and her husband. We laughed and chatted about their travel adventures and our journey to Amsterdam. Although short, the visit was incredibly encouraging. It made me excited to think that we will/can have other visits like the one today.  We are both so blessed with wonderful community.

Caro visits new week. Our first visitor – hooray!  We are traveling to Switzerland together next week and then ending our time in Lake Como. The entire Todd side of the family ventures to Lake Como to celebrate Gama’s 80th birthday for a week.

Until next time,

xoxo HilaGirl




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  1. Kelsey Anderson says:

    It looks so cute!!!! I’m loving your blog and am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures 🙂


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